Below you will find a range of recovery, wellness and performance services. Each is designed to specifically target the areas you are interested in improving or taking to a higher level. We are happy to design a package of services tailored to your specific needs and time frames.

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We offer a wide range of options to help you target and achieve your goals. Whether you would like to get your calorie intake dialed in with a metabolic rate test or want to maximize the benefits of your workouts with a Functional Movement Screen, these services truly allow you to personalize your ActiveEDGE experience.


This is the closest thing you can get to guaranteed results. It is well known that achieving your fitness goals requires BOTH intelligent exercise and proper nutrition. Having personalized access to experts in both realms working with you to dial in and individualize your plan is ideal.


Partnering with friends or teammates who share a common goal not only provides more cost-effective access to personal training expertise, it is also incredibly motivating and fun. Round up your friends or teammates and head on in so we can help you bond through achieving your common vision of success. On staff at ActiveEDGE are the athletic trainers from local high schools. This partnership ensures your team training is specific and targeted to meet your teams coaching staff needs.


Endurance running certainly has the potential to push your body to the limit and unearth any of your orthopedic limitations. Identifying these limitations in flexibility and strength not only serve to help runners avoid injury long-term, but most importantly allows them to achieve their personal distance and speed goals. Let us complete a full assessment of your limitations and running form to offer you a personalized program to dispatch your physical limitations to running fast and free.