Naturally talented athletes are not as rare as one might think. Those who are willing to dedicate themselves to the hard work necessary to rise above the rest are fewer. The athletes that become the cream of the crop are those that have the natural ability, uncommon work ethic and the benefit of a skilled team to help them maximize their potential while avoiding injuries. Bring your talent and your passion and we will show you how to EXCEL beyond your expectations.


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How do you know how much you are improving unless you measure your performance? Without feedback, you are taking a shotgun approach to your training. We believe that you cannot waste effort in areas that do not directly lead to improved performance. This is why we utilize cutting-edge technology; V02 max testing, Heart Rate Zone Testing and training, Body Composition analysis, Resting Metabolic testing, gait analysis and more. We utilize this data to create measurable and quantifiable objective measures to track your progress and make adjustments to your training. Connect with our personal trainers to create a targeted plan for your training, allowing you to spend your time and effort where it really counts!

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We have seen WAY too many gifted athletes miss their true potential getting sidelined by injuries that were completely preventable. With increasing training intensity comes increased risk for injury. Training through imbalances creates compensations which predispose athletes to injury. Physical therapists are the experts in addressing and correcting musculoskeletal imbalances and movement dysfunctions. You cannot demand the extremes of your body’s capabilities long-term without attention to avoiding imbalances. Our trainers work side by side with our physical therapist to create targeted training cycles to meet long term and short term goals.

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Many of us envision an athlete shutting off their mind and going all out with their personal trainer screaming in their ear in the pursuit of maximal intensity. But pushing the envelope blindly for the purpose of intensity alone can be counterproductive at best and oftentimes downright dangerous. When a program is well-planned and designed to push the specific borders we have identified in our testing, you can safely leave it all out there. Come and see how Intelligent Intensity allows our athletes to EXCEL.

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High intensity training makes huge demands on our bodies both in terms of muscular and cardiovascular capacity. How we provide and then replenish the energy necessary to perform this high level training is an essential component of an intelligent training program. This is why we include nutritional education with ActiveEDGE’s staff dietitian in our performance programs. Maximize your training and maximize your potential by getting Fueled, Fit and Ready to EXCEL.

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We believe that in order to train with precision to reach goals, you must  utilize measurable and repeatable assessments to identify strengths and limitations. Only with this information and our experienced, knowledgeable personal trainers and coaches to interpret the results can you precisely move forward with a individualized plan utilizing specific targets and goals. Once these realistic targets are set, we then can measure progress and use these to guide the training. We offer Vo2 max, resting metabolic rate, Functional movement screen, heart rate zone training and gait analysis and more.