Our Mission here at ActiveEDGE is to reverse the trajectory of degeneration many of us will experience which can often lead to limiting your activity to ongoing pain. This natural trajectory is exacerbated by the amount of time spent in sitting positions and repetitive movements. Our goal is to use our extensive knowledge and experience in rehabilitation and injury prevention disrupt this process in the opposite direction.

ActiveEDGE will meet you wherever you happen to be to get you where you want to be! To set you on a path of: RECOVER >>> THRIVE >>>EXCEL!

We see your healthy lifestyle path to be a nonlinear continuum. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff of physical therapists and trainers can help you navigate this often meandering path. We know how to create workouts and strength building routines in every aspect of this path, from recovery: working on moving out of pain, correcting imbalances and mobility. Thrive: Learning to achieve a routine that maintains strength and stamina to enjoy all the activities important to you. Excel: we know how to safely and effectively help you excel and achieve your best. We know that everyone’s has different goals and standards for each of these areas and we are there to ensure that each of your sessions with us is a step in the right direction.