Treating the symptoms as a primary objective may provide relief from pain, but will not decrease your risk of having the symptoms return over the long-term.

At ActiveEDGE, we believe in treating our patients as we would our own family. That means addressing ALL factors that affect your functional capacity, overall health, & well-being. We utilize our connections with local physicians, nutritional specialists, personal trainers, coaches, and of course physical therapists to facilitate a team-like environment in approaching one’s health.

We pride ourselves in the utilization of a comprehensive holistic approach by addressing the full kinetic chain, with emphasis on optimized function. Whether it be for sports/recreational performance, work place ergonomic solutions, or general wellness, ActiveEDGE will help each individual to reach his/her goals!

ActiveEDGE has 2 locations to serve you… West Linn, Oregon and Oregon City, Oregon.

What separates ActiveEDGE from other Physical Therapy clinics in the area?

  • Guaranteed 1 on 1 time with a licensed Physical Therapist for 45 minutes
  • Optimal relationships with local physicians including personal communication based on our client’s needs
  • Large updated facilities with the latest equipment technologies including Matrix® cardio equipment, DartActive resistance bands, TRX® suspension equipment
  • Rehabilitation modalities including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, combo treatment, & Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Tools (IASTM)
  • Free Functional Movement Screen (FMS) for all youth & high school athletes; a screen proven to help identify potential serious injury risks in athletes
  • Free Injury Assessment for prospective clients in need of a rehabilitation expert’s opinion (no need for physician referral)
  • Specialty services including return to running (Runner’s EDGE), Titleist Performance Institute Golf Certified Training System (Golfer’s EDGE), return to throwing program designed by Major League Baseball rehabilitation staff, & ACL prevention/return to play programs
  • Treatment of inner ear disorders (BPPV) & Tempomandibular Joint Dysfunction/Jaw pain
  • Custom orthotics