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Thanks to the personalized support of the professionals at Active Edge, I feel I have finally gained the understanding and skills that are essential in keeping my body healthy and strong.  Working through an injury with the incredibly knowledgeable Physical Therapists was the first step; however, the philosophy of Active Edge doesn’t stop there. ALL staff help with the real goal, which is maintaining the gains made through PT. My workouts are regularly updated and  modified to meet my needs at a given time. The gym has state-of-the-art equipment, but more importantly, there is ALWAYS a friendly staff member available to answer questions and lend support. I have stopped and started at many different facilities over the years, but feel like I have found my wellness home at Active Edge

Melissa Yotsuya

ActiveEDGE is the best. Dan and Melissa Morlan are passionate about healing, wellness and fitness. They have built an entire team of trainers, PTs, and wellness professionals that are just as passionate. Every person on the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and supportive of their clients’ wellness goals. Every day that I go to ActiveEDGE is a good day! I first met Dan Morlan when I hurt my back. I consider him a miracle worker. He quickly diagnosed my injury and provided corrective therapy that not only relieved my pain but also made me much stronger and able to avoid future injury.

I am currently a gym member at ActiveEDGE. Upon joining, Willee Broberg provided a comprehensive analysis of my entire physical being…my strengths, my weaknesses, my imbalances etc. My metrics were analyzed against appropriate benchmarks and then Willee developed a complete exercise plan specifically tailored to improving my body to become stronger, more physically fit and less prone to injury. Every six months, Willee retests me, and based on the results, she provides an entirely new set of exercises. Over time, I have built up a significant number of plans that allow me to vary my routines so that I am always challenged and never bored! So many people that workout elsewhere do the same things every day, become bored or injured and never really maintain optimal fitness. Having such a knowledgeable and engaging staff also allows me to get real time feedback as I am doing the exercises in the gym. They offer suggestions to improve my form for maximum effectiveness and they make the environment a fun place to sweat. I have also enjoyed wonderful nutrition counseling from Karen Woolley and a stress-relieving massage from Amanda. Zach and Michael run unbelievable class workout sessions. Becca, Kelsey and Lauren have been extremely helpful in keeping my high school athlete kids on the field/court as they have had numerous strains, sprains and tweaks. I completely trust that ActiveEDGE can help you if you are hurt, make you stronger/faster/more fit, and help you minimize risk of future injury.

Paul Kreske

Active Edge is my greatest resource in keeping runners and walkers moving forward while working through the stresses and strains of training.

Paula Harkin, Owner, Portland Running Company

Check-in was seamless and the entire staff was kind and enthusiastic. Melissa was very attentive to my concerns and treated my injury with care and patience.

Stephanie Mallory

Active Edge adds organization to the way I train to overcome all injuries and be the best that I can be!

Brian Henniger, Professional Golfer

I have been to other Physical Therapist but none of them are anywhere as great as the professionals at ActiveEDGE. They have helped my lower back, my neck and my sciatic nerve pains so well I consider them “miracle workers”! I would highly recommend ActiveEDGE to anyone in search of pain relief and wellness.

Tom Trussell

Nearly 14 years ago I started having hip pain during my pregnancy with my daughter. After a battery of diagnostic tests it turned out both of my hips were not formed correctly and they were beginning to deteriorate. The doctors strongly suggested I wait as long as possible to have the hip replacements done. After years of enduring pain I felt completely broken down. I gained weight over the years from inactivity and could not fully enjoy life, so I scheduled the surgeries. I went in for my first hip replacement a little over 2 years ago and 10 weeks afterward I had the second side done. Needless to say I was unsure of the road ahead. My doctor referred me to ActiveEDGE for physical therapy. The road has been very difficult and at times I thought nearly impossible. What I have found with the team at ActiveEDGE is not only a wealth of knowledge about recovery both physical and mental but a true passion and love for helping people. The physical therapy arm in conjunction with the wellness aspect offers an unparalleled opportunity for success. At this point I have lost 70 pounds and am stronger than I was even prior to being diagnosed with the hip deformity. I know in my heart that I would not have been as successful as I have been without the incredible support from everyone at ActiveEDGE. Don’t wait, trust me, start your journey today. The road will be bumpy but you can be successful with the ActiveEDGE team behind you.  

Inge Barbee, patient and gym member